More than a regular ‘self-help’ book, The MadibaMindset is both an absorbing and inspiring read! It is an insightful study of the coping strategies and methods Mandela and his comrades used to overcome the extreme obstacles purposefully erected to destroy their dream to liberate their people: strategies we soon discover, that each and every one of us has at our disposal. Well researched, the personalities and pithy quotes Fairhead incorporates, vibrantly bring the text alive as he guides us to use these same principles in realising our own dreams – once started, you cannot put it down. (Liz Cowan-Social Worker and Philosopher.)


The historical background and actual lived experiences have concretised your ideas and given them a legitimacy and vibrancy which is probably unique in this type of book.  I am not familiar with business and lifestyle books and therefore unqualified to comment on the practical side of your manuscript, but I found the way this was offset against the Mandela experience also worked in the reverse and offered insights into the man and his ideals. (Mike Nicol – Co-author of Mandela: The Authorised Portrait.)


For anyone who ever wondered how Nelson Mandela did it, here is the answer. Concise and easy to read, the MadibaMindset condenses the essence of how this great man, along with fellow prisoners, emerged from long captivity with a deeper humanity, enhanced dreams and an even higher vision.  These are hard-won lessons that anyone can follow and emulate. The MadibaMindset will improve your approach to everything, from your personal life to business practise. This book is for all who have ever dreamed of following in Mandela’s giant footsteps. Here is the inspiring path to follow …   (Bryan Rostron – Author and Journalist.)

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    Your own Freedom Charter by Tyrrel Fairhead (Jacana) ISBN 978-1-4324-0248-9

    Start by sitting quietly…become aware of your breathing…calm down…think about people who have influenced your life…consider the Madiba Mindset. Can you remember certain occasions where you have felt successful after applying a certain principle?

    This is such a difficult book to describe. It is so enriching so absorbing, so attitude changing, so right for you if you have a negative attitude. What you read here will change your outlook and maybe your future. A goal is a dream with a deadline. You can definitely change your attitude towards your dreams and goals if you read the Madiba Mindset.

    It’s about being in control, aiming for the positive, being flexible. When Madiba found his cell too small to exercise in, he started running on the spot. Other inmates saw bars on their cell windows; Madiba saw the stars beyond the bars.

    He had lots to overcome, as we know. Whether you have read about him or seen him on TV, or heard about him from someone else, you feel as if you know him, don’t you? So surely what worked for him can work for us. I don’t know a person on this planet who hasn’t heard of him and how he achieved a positive life.

    I found this book simple to read, simple to apply to life. I feel grateful to have had the opportunity to read it. Read it; share it with others less fortunate and what a wonderful world we might live in.

    Dee Andrew

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